Tanguar Haor, located in Sunamganj, Bangladesh, is a remarkable and popular tourist destination that offers a unique experience. A boat trip to the Haor allows visitors to immerse themselves in its beauty. It holds the distinction of being the second Ramsar site in the country, following the Sundarbans, and its reputation is spreading beyond national borders. While some tourists prefer to visit Tanguar Haor during winter to witness the spectacle of migratory birds, the rainy season is considered the ideal time to explore this enchanting location.

Travelers to Tanguar Haor often extend their trip beyond the Haor itself, seeking to discover the surrounding natural wonders. Among the must-visit attractions in close proximity are Shaheed Siraj Lake (Niladri Lake), Jadukata River, Baragop Tila or Barek Tila situated on the riverbank, Lakma Chhara, Chanpur Jharna, Shimul Bagan, Shah Arifin's Shrine, Audwoito Mahaprabhu's Temple, and Halhalia's Rajbari. These places attract a significant number of visitors and can be reached via boat transportation, as there is no other means of travel available in the area. Numerous small and large boats can be rented to facilitate exploration. Local sailors offer small boats, while travel agencies provide larger boats equipped with additional amenities, which can be rented for a specific duration.

The popularity of Tanguar Haor as a tourist destination has been steadily increasing, leading to the formation of syndicates by boat owners aiming to capitalize on this trend. Unfortunately, some of these syndicates have resorted to charging exorbitant prices from tourists, particularly the owners of larger boats. Such practices have resulted in outrageously high rates, with some boat owners demanding four to five times more than a reasonable amount. This blatant exploitation is undoubtedly a source of frustration for visitors to Tanguar Haor. Typically, the expenses for a two-night and one-day boat trip, including costs for fuel and labor, would amount to around 4-5 thousand taka. However, certain boat owners are demanding as much as 20-22 thousand taka, which is clearly unjustifiable. In response to these extortionate practices, the local administration has taken action to establish reasonable fares based on the boat's capacity. To ensure transparency, they have also made it mandatory for boat owners to display the rental chart on each boat, allowing tourists to make informed decisions and putting an end to the exploitation of visitors