Best 10 Days Umrah Package Bangladesh

Best 10 Days Umrah Package Bangladesh

01 Jumm’a in Makkah & 1 Jumm’a in Madinah | Direct Flight | Makkah to Madinah by Bullet Train
6N Makkah + 3N Madinah | Price Valid Till 20 DEC 2023 | Starts from TK. 160,000. !!



Flight Schedule:

AUG 2023  17, 24
SEP 2023   07, 21 
OCT 2023   05, 19
NOV 2023 02, 16
DEC 2023  07

Note: Customized dates are also available (Condition Apply).

Package Includes:

        Airfare inclusive of all taxes (BG / SV Air): Dhaka – Jeddah, Madinah – Dhaka or Dhaka – Jeddah – Dhaka (economy class)

        6 nights of comfortable hotel lodging in Makkah

        3 nights of comfortable hotel lodging in Madinah

        Comprehensive Transportation Service: From Jeddah Airport to Makkah Hotel, then to Madinah Hotel, and finally to Madinah/Jeddah Airport.

        All-inclusive Umrah Visa Fee.

        Inclusive Health Insurance for your peace of mind.

        Personalized Meet & Assist service at Jeddah Airport.

        Room Service following hotel regulations for your convenience.

        Umrah guidebook provided in Bengali for your easy reference.

        Guided Ziyarah (Sightseeing) tour in Makkah to enrich your experience.

        Ziyarah (Sightseeing) excursion in Taif to enhance your journey.

        Ziyarah (Sightseeing) tour in Madinah to deepen your connection.

        Dedicated Bengali Muallem to assist you during your Umrah pilgrimage.


Package Excludes:

        Meals are not covered by the package price in Makkah or Madinah (unless specifically indicated), but can be enjoyed at the hotel or local restaurants (Estimated cost: around SR15 per lunch or dinner). Food options typically include Chicken or Fish, Vegetables, Dall (Lentils), and Plain Rice.

        Any personal expenses or additional costs not outlined in the above inclusions are not included in the package. 


 • Additional services are available upon request and may incur extra charges, including options like OPTING FOR UPGRADED ROOMS - Offering views of Haram, Kaaba, Suite Rooms, etc. / INCLUDING ADDITIONAL TOURS - Exploring Jeddah, Taif, Hudaibiyah, Wadi Jinn, Khandak, Ohud, Badar, and more. / COMBINING UMRAH PACKAGE WITH VISITS TO OTHER COUNTRIES – Opportunities to explore destinations such as Dubai, Egypt, Turkey, and beyond.

Package Price Details/Per Person:

Standard Package:

Quad Share Basis TK. 1,60,000
Triple Share Basis TK. 1,65,000
Double Share Basis TK. 1,70,000
Single share basis TK. 2,10,000
Child With Bed  Less Than 10,000 From Adult
Child No Bed TK. 1,30,000
Infant (Parent Sharing) TK. 60,000

Deluxe Package:

Quad Share Basis TK. 1,75,000
Triple Share Basis TK. 1,80,000
Double Share Basis TK. 1,90,000
Single share basis TK. 2,40,000
Child With Bed (Below 11 Years) Less Than 10,000 From Adult
Child No Bed (Below 11 Years) TK. 1,30,000
Infant (Parent Sharing) TK. 60,000

Superior Package:

Quad Share Basis TK. 2,00,000
Triple Share Basis TK. 2,05,000
Double Share Basis TK. 2,20,000
Single share basis TK. 2,90,000
Child With Bed (Below 11 Years) Less Than 10,000 From Adult
Child No Bed (Below 11 Years) TK. 1,30,000
Infant (Parent Sharing) TK. 60,000

Premium Package:

Quad Share Basis TK. 2,20,000
Triple Share Basis TK. 2,30,000
Double Share Basis TK. 2,50,000
Single share basis TK. 3,60,000
Child With Bed (Below 11 Years) Less Than 10,000 From Adult
Child No Bed (Below 11 Years) TK. 1,30,000
Infant (Parent Sharing) TK. 60,000


Hotel Details:

Standard Package:

Makkah: Emaar Al Khalil or Similar (Approx. 400 Mtr from Masjid Al Haram).
Google Map Link: Click Here

Madinah: Karam Golden or similar (Approx. 300 Mtr from Masjid Al Nabawi).
Google Map Link: Click Here


Deluxe Package:

Makkah: Emaar Sultan (Ex. Burj Al Sultan) or Similar (Approx. 200 Mtr from Masjid Al Haram).
Google Map Link: Click Here

Madinah: Karam Taiba Al Masi or Similar (Approx. 200 Mtr from Masjid Al Nabawi).
Google Map Link: Click Here


Superior Package:

Makkah: Anjum Makkah or similar (100 Mtr from Masjid Al Haram).
Google Map Link: Click Here

Madinah: Saja Al Madinah or similar (Approx. 250 Mtr from Masjid Al Nabawi).
Google Map Link: Click Here


Premium Package:

Makkah: Swissotel Al Maqam or similar (0 Mtr from Masjid Al Haram).
Google Map Link: Click Here

Madinah: Millennium al Aqeeq or similar (20 Mtr from Masjid Al Nabawi).
Google Map Link: Click Here


Payment Policy:

Phase-1: 80% of the total package amount at the time of booking.
Phase-2:20% of the total package amount before seven days of travel date.


•     COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate.

•     A Bangladeshi passport is valid for at least 6 months.

•     One copy of passport-size white background photograph.

Cancellation Policy

The package is non-refundable and non-changeable.



Day 01: Dhaka – Jeddah - Makkah (Perform Umrah)

·    Departure from Dhaka to Jeddah.

·     Arrive at Jeddah International Airport.

·    Transfer from Jeddah airport to Makkah Hotel.

·    Check-in to the hotel.


Day 02: Makkah (Jumm’a)

·    Focus on your regular Prayers and Ibadah.

Day 03: Makkah & Taif Ziyarah


Makkah Ziayarah:

·    Cave of Hira (Jabal-e-Noor) - where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received revelations.

·    Cave of Thawr (Jabal-e-soor) - where the Prophet and Abu Bakr took shelter.

·    Mina - city of tents providing temporary accommodation to Hajj pilgrims.

·    Masjid al-Khaif (Mosque of Prophets) - where numerous prophets prayed.

·    Jamarat - stone columns pelted as a Hajj ritual.

·    Mount Arafat (Jabal-Ar-Rahmah) - where Prophet Muhammad delivered the Last Sermon.

·    Muzdalifa - where Prophet Adam prayed.

·    Jannatul Mualla - burial place of Prophet's ancestors.

·    Masjid Jinn - where jinn gathered to hear Quran recitation.

Taif Ziayarah:

·    Grave of Abdullah Ibn Abbas and mosque by his name.

·    Place of Grape orchards - where the Prophet had grapes.

·    Miqat Qarn al-Manazil - change into Ihram garments and make Niyyah for Umrah.

·    Focus on your regular Prayers and Ibadah.

Day 04: Jeddah Tour

·    Jeddah short tour - Tomb of Hawa, Al Rahma Mosque, Jeddah Corniche, Balad Market, King Fahd’s Fountain, Golakata Mosque, etc.

Day 05-06: Makkah

·    Focus on your regular Prayers and Ibadah.

Day 07: Makkah - Madinah

·    Check out from Makkah Hotel.

·    Transfer to Madinah.

·    Check-in at Madinah hotel.

Day 08: Madinah Ziyarah

·    Masjid-e-Quba - first mosque built by Muslims.

·    Masjid-e-Qiblateen - where change of Qiblah was commanded.

·    Grave of Hamza (RA) and Martyrs of Uhud.

·    Masjid E Juma - where the first Khutba of Juma was offered.

·    Site of Battle of Trench (Khandaq) - trenches helped Muslims defeat enemy armies.

Day 09: Madinah (Jumm’a)

·    Focus on your regular Prayers and Ibadah.

Day 10: Madinah - Dhaka

·    Check out from Madinah hotel.

·    Transfer to Madinah / Jeddah airport for departure to Dhaka.


End Of Services.



·        Package price applicable for TRAVEL WITH GROUP only.

·        Approved vaccines include Sinopharm, Pfizer Biotech, Oxford AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Johnson with the full dose for KSA.

·        Travel must be done 14 days after vaccination.

·        Package itinerary can be changed, travelers will be informed before travel.

·        Services depend on availability; package cost may change based on room/hotel availability.

·        Quoted prices based on current Riyal/USD conversion rates with BDT. Changes in rates will affect package price.

·        Breakfast inclusion varies; additional charge added if breakfast is mandatory.

·        Subject to change without notice.

·        No refund for unused services or shorter stays.

·        No difference between Standard, Superior, and Premium packages except hotels.

·        Additional charges may apply due to unexpected legal authority charges.

·        5% discount on published packages, not applicable to EMI beneficiaries (up to 6 months).



·        Transportation by bus or van for Jeddah/Makkah/Madinah and Ziyarah.

·        Maximum 2 luggage pieces per person allowed.

·        Private transport size based on guest count.

·        Vehicle waiting period: 60 mins at Haj Terminal, 15 mins at hotel.

·        Guests must adhere to voucher time; vehicle won't wait.

·        Not responsible for vehicle delays due to Traffic Jam/Prayer Period/Roadblock.



·        "Check-In" at 04:00 PM, "Check-Out" at 12:00 PM.

·        Special room requests communicated to hotel reception.

·        Local star ratings used; discuss hotel rating concerns before booking.

·        Some 3-star hotels may lack room WiFi, room service, etc.

·        Drinking water may not be provided in rooms.



·         Do not give passports to driver/agent; inform if given.



·         Moyallem available during performances.

·         Driver/guide available for ziyarah; not liable for luggage.



·         Airlines' schedule changes won't affect hotel bookings; non-refundable policy.

·         Flight delays/missing luggage by airlines not's responsibility.



·         Ziyarah services for Makkah/Madinah at 7 AM, 2-3 hours duration.

Which is the best site for Umrah packages?
If you are seeking the most optimal and economical Umrah deals, look no further than Travelhouseuk. With a wealth of experience, Travelhouseuk excels in providing unparalleled travel options at highly competitive prices for our esteemed clientele. Our expertise lies in crafting customized offers and packages that precisely cater to individual preferences and needs.
How to do Umrah for free?
Participate in our Umrah Lucky Draws Participating in our lucky draw for a chance to win a free Umrah trip is as easy as completing a straightforward form. Alongside, a valid passport is essential, and each family is allowed to register one individual until a departure date is finalized.
Can Umrah be done without package?
Alternatively, you have the option to undertake Umrah without engaging a Travel Agent. This entails visiting the embassy to initiate the Umrah Visa process. Once you obtain the Umrah visa, you are free to travel to Saudi Arabia and embark on your Umrah pilgrimage.
How do I book an Umrah package?
The Saudi Arabian government strongly advises individuals to seek the support of an authorized travel agent in the UK for the acquisition of their Umrah visa. These agents are equipped to organize your fundamental Umrah package, facilitate the issuance of Umrah visas for both UK citizens and residents, manage all necessary permits, and guide you through the entire Umrah process.
What is Umrah fare?
Umrah Package Prices from India in 2023 Our Umrah packages, spanning 15 days and 14/13 nights, are available at prices ranging from INR 98,000 to INR 1,08,000. The cost variations are determined by factors such as accommodation facilities, occupancy per room, meal arrangements, and the class of transportation.
Can I go to Umrah for 3 days?
For those with demanding schedules, we offer a convenient three-day Umrah option. This allows you to embark on a focused pilgrimage. Alternatively, you can also explore other sacred sites as part of this package.
How long is Umrah on average?
The General Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques has disclosed that the complete average duration for performing Umrah, starting from the Tawaf ritual to the conclusion of Sai, is 104 minutes.
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45 Guests in maximum


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